A list of things that have fallen off the homepage.

The Final Wall (Farravant Garde) — September 2020

Extension Email Gets Existential (Farrago) — August 2020

Woah to No (Farrago) — May 2020

Losing Grip (Farrago) — April 2020

Languagely (Farrago) — March 2020

Talking to Strangers (Grattan Street Press blog) — September 2019


2020: Antithesis Journal — journal editorial team

2020: Farrago Magazine — non-fiction subeditor, satire contributor

2018–21: Gippslandia — proofreader

2019: Grattan Street Press — semester 2 lead copyeditor

2016–18: FedPress Magazine — contributor, assistant editor, editor

Witness the horrors I have unleashed on the world.

FedPress Magazine

I was a staff contributor at FedPress magazine (the Federation University student magazine) until I became Assistant Editor, and then Editor from mid-2016 until early 2018.

Letting Go (p.12)

We the Outspoken (p.11)


I’ve been thinking a lot about emojis, and it’s not just because I’m a thrilling, up-to-the-minute individual — to be honest it’s probably because I spend way too much time on Reddit.

2016 Change Making Conference Write-Up (p.10)

I’ll be honest, after attending the 2015 One Small Thing leadership conference, I was a little disappointed.

Lessons I Didn’t Pay Attention to and Probably Should Have (p.5)

The last edition of FedPress was all about survival, so I imagine you’ve all read some fantastic articles about managing your time and mental resources effectively. As we all have access to the wealth of study guides, advice from other students and online productivity resources, there’s no reason for anyone to find themselves mashing at the keyboard at 4am, right?

A Call to Alms (p.8)

I’ve never met anyone who’s told me that they need more stress in their life or that they didn’t feel like they had enough to do.

The Final Wall (short story, p.12)

We had always been farmers.