Fitzpatrick Awards Win!

I’m posting this as much for posterity (because this is a forgetful turnip), but I won two awards at the 2020 Fitzpatrick Awards: Best Satire and Serious Subeditor.

I had forgotten about the Fitzpatrick Awards because I’d only ever seen them mentioned at the start of the year, asking the prizewinners to collect their awards etc. from the Farrago media offices.

This year I was nominated for two awards: best satire and best double page short fiction. I won the former for ‘Woah to No‘, and the latter (for which ‘Losing Grip‘ was nominated) went to Asher Harrington’s ‘In the Middle of the Empty Woods’. The Serious Subeditor award was recognition of the work done throughout the year, and was won by a handful of the subbies for diligence (and a really anal attention to detail when proofreading).

I had a lovely time as a subeditor and contributor for Farrago this year, and it’s always nice to have your work recognised. I wasn’t expecting to be nominated for anything, never mind winning, so it’s some great validation while I’m feeling exhausted at the end of the year (it’s been one of those years huh). I’ll be wrapping up at the University of Melbourne next year so I won’t be getting involved again, but it’s a lovely ego boost to be nominated for anything, and even nicer to win!

This kind of ties in with something I’ll be posting a little bit about soon, but it’s nice to be acknowledged (and rewarded!) for putting yourself out there.

Thanks team!

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